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Our average initial investment ranges from $500K-$2M and we invest in early-stage rounds.


Our members bring a wealth of experience to our portfolio companies through their strategic and operational early-stage expertise.


We leverage the global Duke community to serve the needs of its portfolio companies.

Grow with Duke

Being part of the Blue Devil family is a unique experience. Duke Capital Partners works intensively with its portfolio, driven by our committed and engaged Duke-affiliated investors. Keep reading to find out how Duke Capital Partners accelerates the growth of its portfolio companies.

Learn how to apply

Hear from our Founders

Our portfolio companies are building a big, bold future. They're dreaming big. Our 40+ portfolio companies have raised over $900M with a total enterprise value of over $4B. We provide support far beyond just capital, and our commitment to entrepreneurs has helped them add over 1,500 jobs. Hear from some of our entrepreneurs below.

Ken Gall chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science in the Pratt School of Engineering headshot

“Duke Capital Partners has been an essential partner helping me to commercialize university-based research. Their network helped me start and grow my company and ultimately sell it to a large public corporation.”

– Ken Gall, Professor and Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship, Pratt School of Engineering, Co-Founder of Vertera Spine, Deep Blue Medical Advances, Huxley Medical, and restor3d

hyun kim headshot standing next to superb Ai logo on wall

"Duke Capital Partners has been our partner since the beginning as one of our Seed investors in 2019. As a Duke alum, it means a lot to be backed by a world-class institution and a place I genuinely love. Over the last three years, the network has leveraged its resources and its expertise to help us navigate major strategic decision points, while also making connections that catalyzed our growth.

– Hyun Kim ‘15, CEO and Co-Founder, Superb AI
Kasper Kubica photo, in skydiving gear, holding Carpe brand lotion

“Duke Capital Partners has been everything we could've asked for in a lead investor; I’m incredibly lucky to be backed by such a supportive and helpful team. Duke Capital Partners has been a steadfast partner through every up and down, and Duke Capital Partners' member on our board has brought a wealth of experience which has broadened Carpe’s options and success.”

– Kasper Kubica ’17, Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs Fellow, Co-Founder and COO, Carpe Lotion

Zach Maurides headshot

“As Teamworks has grown and flourished, Duke Capital Partners has been there every step of the way. From early on in our journey, the Duke Capital Partners network offered exceptional guidance at critical inflection points in our company’s life and provided invaluable access to customers and partners alike.”

– Zach Maurides '07, Founder and CEO, Teamworks

“Duke Capital Partners and its members played an instrumental role in InnAVasc’s development and eventual acquisition. The value of DuCap’s partnership was greater than its investment in our company. DuCap’s real value was the strategic guidance and support that the DuCap Operating Team and DuCap Membership network combined to offer as we grew and matured our business.”

– Joe Knight '11, Executive in Residence at the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the Pratt School of Engineering, former CEO, InnAVasc
Steven Galanis headshot

“Duke Capital Partners is a phenomenal organization and key member of the Cameo team. As a Duke alum, I am proud to be backed by this remarkable network of hyper-connected individuals, which continues to support and help us grow our business.”

– Steven Galanis '10, Co-Founder and CEO, Cameo

Yun Fu headshot

“Duke Capital Partners has been a steadfast partner to as we have grown our business. Duke Capital Partners directly contributed to our traction across key sectors through strategic guidance and key network introductions.”

– Yun Fu '04, Co-Founder and CTO,

Investment Criteria

Below you can find the requirements we use to make determinations about which companies are screened as potential investment opportunities. Please note, meeting our requirements does not guarantee an invitation to a screening call with our team or a subsequent investment. Click here to learn more about our investment process.

Must have a founder, executive, board member, or major investor who is a current or former Duke student, employee, or parent.

Current portfolio companies are typically incorporated in the United States as a C-Corporation.

Must be raising capital of $1M or more or syndicating later-stage equity financing with an existing or new institutional lead investor.

We are industry-agnostic but tend to avoid long exit cycles and extremely high capital-intensive investments. For example, enterprise software with proven traction would likely be a better fit than a therapeutic.

Our Screening Process

DuCap process infographic. 3D stylized pyramid graphic depicting funnel of selection process. Writing in image: "Sourcing: 500+ companies/yr. Annually, DucAp sources hundreds of investment opportunities in biotech, CPG, B2B, SaaS, and other industries. We hear of companies through word of mouth, applications, and network connections. Screening: ~50 companies/yr. About 10% of the opportunities meet our criteria for further evaluation. We focus on early-stage + high growth potential while avoiding high capital intensity + long exit cycle. Due Diligence: ~20 companies/yr. Those companies that are selected for further evaluation receive a full due diligence treatment. DuCap Associates work with the Operating Team and relevant Members to analyze the opportunity. Investment: ~10 companies/yr. If selected, companies receive an investment bundled from interested individual DuCap Members as well as matching funds from the Duke Innovation Fund. Investment usually fall in the $400K-$5M range. Support: 40+ companies total. Not every company needs follow-on support, but DuCap stands ready to help our entrepreneurial partners with mentorship, network connections, industry-specific resources, and possibly further funding."