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Our Mission

We leverage the power of the global Duke community to invest in and support entrepreneurs, to educate and empower students, and to engage and activate our members' contributions to the University's innovation ecosystem.


We provide funding, mentorship, and support for select entrepreneurs with a Duke connection.

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We train Duke students on all aspects of the investing process with hands-on experience.

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We facilitate early-stage investment and growth opportunities for investors with a Duke connection.

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Organization and Process

Duke Capital Partners is led by its Managing Director and a professional Operating Team. Our members are world-class experts from the global Duke entrepreneurial community. They are committed to helping portfolio founders and their companies reach their full potential. The Operating Team has extensive experience in fund management, diligence, and investor relations, and oversees the operations of both Duke Capital Partners and the Duke Innovation Fund. A team of student Associates learn about venture capital, startups, and assist with sourcing, screening, and diligence.

DuCap process infographic. 3D stylized pyramid graphic depicting funnel of selection process. Writing in image: "Sourcing: 500+ companies/yr. Annually, DucAp sources hundreds of investment opportunities in biotech, CPG, B2B, SaaS, and other industries. We hear of companies through word of mouth, applications, and network connections. Screening: ~50 companies/yr. About 10% of the opportunities meet our criteria for further evaluation. We focus on early-stage + high growth potential while avoiding high capital intensity + long exit cycle. Due Diligence: ~20 companies/yr. Those companies that are selected for further evaluation receive a full due diligence treatment. DuCap Associates work with the Operating Team and relevant Members to analyze the opportunity. Investment: ~10 companies/yr. If selected, companies receive an investment bundled from interested individual DuCap Members as well as matching funds from the Duke Innovation Fund. Investment usually fall in the $400K-$5M range. Support: 40+ companies total. Not every company needs follow-on support, but DuCap stands ready to help our entrepreneurial partners with mentorship, network connections, industry-specific resources, and possibly further funding."

By The Numbers

Duke Capital Partners is experiencing rapid growth.

And deals are just the start.

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Pie chart showing Duke Capital Partners has invested over $50M in total, 36% of which came in FY22.


A Dedicated Team

With more than 75 years of experience, our professional Operating Team leads Duke Capital Partners' investment process and educates the next generation of investment professionals and startup founders through our Associate program.

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Contribute to Duke Capital Partners

Duke Capital Partners gratefully accepts gifts in support of our mission to strengthen the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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