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Blair Willette Associate

I am passionate about cutting-edge research in the biomedical fields. My personal expertise lies in the field of G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), which are crucial proteins involved every physiological process and are targeted by over 30% of all FDA approved drugs. I utilize my 5 years of training in this field to effectively communicate the novelty and value of scientific findings to people inspired by discovery and share the excitement in the potential for success. I convey more than just interesting concepts; I convey the potential impact of findings for people and markets.

I have taken the initiative to develop both scientific and business skills throughout my training. I have 4 years of PhD training, in addition to a one-year fellowship at the NIH, dedicated to understanding receptor biology (G protein-coupled receptors) in neurological diseases using cutting-edge technologies (gene editing, proteomics, and optogenetics). To establish my business foundation, I completed courses at Duke Fuqua School of Business and earned a certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. I also pursued practical opportunities in venture investing with KdT Ventures and Duke Angel Network.

I leverage my ability to critically dissect the science and evaluate business models to uncover exciting biotech investing opportunities. My passion for biotech startups fuels my work. I am always interested in connecting with people to share ideas and learn more about the industry.