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Pryon Closes $100 Million Series B Round Led by Thomas Tull’s US Innovative Technology Fund

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The investment accelerates the commercialization and adoption of Pryon’s AI-enhanced knowledge management platform for private and public sectors.

September 19, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

RALEIGH, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pryon, the pioneer in bringing AI to knowledge management, today announced that it closed a $100 million Series B investment led by Thomas Tull’s US Innovative Technology Fund (USIT). The round also included continuing and new participation from Aperture Venture Capital, BootstrapLabs, Breyer Capital, Duke Capital Partners, Good Growth Capital, Omnimed Capital, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, and others. This funding allows Pryon to accelerate its growth, augment its team, expand into international markets, and scale strategic partnerships. The Company’s solutions are trusted by clients in the energy, financials, government, healthcare, industrials, materials, technology, and utilities sectors to provide them with a profound advantage.

Many such organizations experience the disconnect between high value content and their stakeholders, resulting in abandoned, defective, or stalled workflows. Pryon was established to eliminate this knowledge friction and developed by the creative minds behind Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and IBM’s Watson. The Company’s first-of-its-kind knowledge operating system (OS) was achieved by inventing fundamental advances in conversational interaction (CI), computer vision (CV), high performance computing (HPC), natural language processing (NLP), and speech recognition (ASR).

Pryon’s multimodal experiences come with a choice of chatbot or search-style interfaces and empower users to interrogate their institutions’ unstructured data securely via high-accuracy, hyper-contextual, and low-latency queries. Dependent on operational requirements, discoveries can either be extractive to elevate literal passages or summarized via retrieval augmented generation (RAG). In both cases, outputs come with citations and are always anchored to ground truth. To meet these standards, Pryon’s platform trains and deploys models operationalized on explicitly selected content whether proprietary, public, or a blend of both, avoiding the potential hallucinations of foundational large language models (LLMs). This deconstructed and exclusive approach means the Company’s solutions are born self-contained without the risk of sensitive information exposure.

Pryon’s responsible AI initiatives support organizations’ ESG goals, through its compute and thereby energy efficient AI engines that feature rapid vectorization of data. That speed allows an initial deployment to be an order of magnitude less in duration compared to competing approaches, with updates to collections also not necessitating full model recompiles. Time to value is measured in days, not years, given breakthroughs in automation within the product. Pryon is deployed for a variety of use cases, including external-facing customer service and support, internal-facing help desks and industrial maintenance, and engineering and sales enablement for highly technical products.

“My lifelong goal, and Pryon’s mission, is to reduce the distance between knowledge and people, especially for those who make up the backbone of critical infrastructure. Our platform brings organizations to a state of knowledge flow, empowering a decision advantage grounded in confidential, trusted, and verifiable information,” says Igor Jablokov, Pryon Founder and CEO. “This funding round ensures Pryon’s continued leadership in transforming previously static content into actionable intelligence within academic, commercial, government, and nonprofit environments. We are galvanized to usher in this next phase of our evolution and are intensely proud to partner with Thomas Tull and his USIT team, who also recognize the immense value this technology delivers to the world.”

“In order for the U.S. to remain at the forefront of AI across both the private and public sectors, trustworthy computing is a fundamental requirement,” says Thomas Tull, Chairman of USIT. “Pryon’s unique innovations fill a void in America’s critical information systems, delivering augmented and secure intelligence to organizations of all sizes. We believe Pryon’s platform offers clients a competitive advantage and look forward to supporting the company as it scales its business to bring these important solutions to market.”

As part of the Series B round, Carolyne LaSala from Good Growth Capital and Elizabeth Stein from USIT joined Pryon’s Board of Directors. LaSala and Stein serve alongside existing directors Christopher Mahl, Igor Jablokov, and Kirsten Wolberg.

“We are thrilled to welcome Carolyne LaSala of Good Growth Capital and Elizabeth Stein of USIT to our board of directors,” says Chris Mahl, Pryon President and COO. “Carolyne’s tenure at Apple and Liz’s in the National Lab ecosystem complements Pryon’s deep technology, ecosystem development, and user experience foci while building a world-class team at all levels. My previous roles at Oracle and Salesforce defined that ‘shift happens’ in our industry. No firm has ever been better positioned to allow organizations to confidently leverage enterprise AI than Pryon is today.”

Pryon allows clients to immediately unlock insights through natural language prompts via mobile and web. Designed for ease of use, the platform remains anchored in the tenets of accuracy, scalability, security, and speed. From existing systems of record, Pryon’s no-code capabilities ingest multimodal content from across organizations, including audio, image, text, and video files, efficiently transforming them into a knowledge fabric. The Company’s enterprise-grade approach to model building includes optical character recognition (OCR), purpose-built large language models (LLMs), and proprietary connectors to ensure high assurance is maintained, which sets it apart from ungrounded, consumer-first generative tools.

Read Jablokov’s Letter from the CEO to learn more about Pryon’s vision for the future of work.

About Pryon

Pryon turns hours of searching into moments of clarity that confer decision advantage. Founded in 2017 by the minds behind Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and IBM’s Watson, the Company’s full-stack AI-enhanced knowledge management platform transforms untapped digital assets from multiple sources into solutions that measurably improve outcomes. By weaving trusted content into a knowledge fabric, any user can unlock verifiable answers derived from complex, unstructured data. Pryon’s no-code technology can be deployed in a matter of days and is scalable to meet the advanced needs of multinational entities and the most secure federal government agencies. By reducing the distance between knowledge and people, Pryon fosters a more informed, resilient, and responsive organization.

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