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Growth of Portfolio Companies

Our portfolio companies have experienced rapid growth in recent years.

Three circles side by side. Left circle says: $4.2B total enterprise value, up from $381M at EOY 2018. Middle circle says: $980M total capital raised, up from $195M at EOY 2018. Right circle says: 2,564 jobs created, up from 278 at EOY 2018.


Duke Capital Partners has invested over $50M since our inception in 2015. Of that, $18M came in 17 financings in FY22, with $34M invested in the last three years.

bar graph of investments: $5M in FY20, $11M in FY21, $18M in FY22

Capital Invested

Duke Capital Partners has invested over $50M in total, one-third of which came in FY22.Pie chart showing Duke Capital Partners has invested over $50M in total, 36% of which came in FY22.

Students Trained

Duke Capital Partners had 25 Associates in FY22, the largest cohort since our inception, hailing from a variety of Duke schools and departments.Circular graphic of Duke Health, Duke Fuqua Business School, Duke Law School, and Duke Pratt School of Engineering. The logos surround a central text box that reads "90 Associates trained".

Company Exits

Duke Capital Partners has had 5 total portfolio company exits, 4 of which came in the last 18 months.

Grid pattern of Testive, InnAVasc, ENSO, Vertera, and SaaS Optics logos