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Duke Capital Partners has invested over $50M since our inception in 2015. Of that, $25.8M came in the last two years.

Early Support

Duke Capital Partners has invested $29.5M into 15 Duke faculty startups.

In FY23, Duke Capital Partners launched the Catalyst Program to increase investments in pre-seed and seed stage companies. DCP led two of the three Catalyst financings in the five months since its launch.

Portfolio Performance

Duke Capital Partners portfolio companies have raised a total of $1.3B and surpassed $5B in total enterprise value.

Three portfolio companies are among the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Company Exits

Duke Capital Partners has had 5 total portfolio company exits, 10% of portfolio total.

Grid pattern of Testive, InnAVasc, ENSO, Vertera, and SaaS Optics logos

Students Trained

Duke Capital Partners had 28 Associates in FY23, the largest cohort since our inception, hailing from a variety of Duke schools and departments.

Over 50% of the FY23 Associates class identifies as female or minority.